1. REGISTER: Complete the free Consignor registration by clicking “Login Here” below and following the instructions.  
  2. READ (and follow) the tagging instructions and inventory requirements  from the Consignors page.
  3. PREPARE ITEMS FOR SALE: Examine each item for stains, rips or previously unknown damage. Have items cleaned if necessary to improve their selling potential. Sort items by gender and then by size. Hang each item on a non-slip flocked hanger.
  4. INVENTORY: After your have sorted your items, enter them into the inventory system.  
  5. PRINT: Print tags on 65# white cardstock.  
  6. ATTACH: Attach tags using straight (not safety) pins.   
  7. PRINT: Click on the “manage inventory” button at the bottom of the box titled “reports” and print out the “Inventory Report.” 
  8. PRINT: Print and sign the Consignment Agreement. 
  9. RECEIVING: Come to Receiving with your inventory hung & tagged in numerical order, your inventory report, and the Consignment Agreement at any time during the designated Receiving time. Don’t forget to get your ticket for the Consignors Only shopping time. 
  10. SHARE: Share the sale information with everyone you know! Remember, the more shoppers we have, the more likely your items will be purchased. 
  11. SHOP: Bring your ticket and shop before we open to the public during the designated Consignor Only shopping time.  
  12. PICK UP: If you are not choosing to donate your unsold items to that sale event’s charity, pick up your unsold items during the designated Pick Up time.   
  13. ENJOY: Enjoy the added space in your closet and your extra spending cash!  

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